Since the dawn of time, the human race remained obsessed with “power” and “control.” 1.5 million years ago, these urges were justifiable since they are also animalistic instincts. However, the desire to control and to gain power grew every day. This drive helped humanity to evolve by domesticating animals and using their strength to fulfill their needs. But what about the harness, the symbol of control? Throughout this thesis, the different ways of use of harness are being explored. The historical approaches will be inspected under the themes of “Power and Control” and “Adornment,” while the contemporary ways are being divided into five subthemes; “Athletic Functions,” “Hip Hop,” “BDSM,” “Punk” and “Edgy Fashion.” The thesis also explores the harness as a transformable jewelry piece while incorporating it into a collection with a DIY philosophy. As the concept takes elements from the Dada and Punk manifestos, the readymade machine parts become an interchangeable and modular set.